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Shipping and Port Research Trends in Indonesia

Shipping, Sailing, & Ports Industry Data (Ship Fleet Trend in 2005-2020) released in late January 2018 showcase data, outlook, trend research, independent studies, tables and infographics related to shipping, shipping and port industry developments. Presented in tables and interesting infographics, this data is expected to be useful for industry actors and related stakeholders.

Shipping, Sailing, & Ports Industry Data (Ship Fleet Trend in 2005-2020) begins by showing Indonesia's macroeconomic data outlook 2017-2020, inflation trend, up to investment trend. (pages 2 through 4)

Going into a detailed discussion on page 5 shows national trends data on the number of fleets nationwide in the 2005-2016 period and the compound annual growth rate (CAGR). The trend data is complemented by drivers and trucking capacity trends. Subsequently, a table of developments on the number of fleets nationwide in the 2005-2016 period as well as projected 2017-2020 on page 6.

On page 7, we describe the inadequate use of local shipping and shipping industries for export-import needs. While on page 8, the national shipping industry cluster map is presented by the Ministry of Industry in 2015-2020. One of its targets in 2020, the national shipping industry cluster has been able to produce ships with a dead weight tonnage (DWT), equipped with a number of national shipping industry companies.

On page 8-9, the role of the shipping and shipping industry within the framework of the maritime industry becomes a new growth motor of the national economy. However, the shipping and shipping industry poses challenges in the form of international shipping market share (page 10), beyond cabotage program (page 11), and forward development strategy (page 12).

The profile of the shipping industry in Indonesia is shown on page 13 in the form of pointers, containing geographic conditions, shipyard industry profiles, and industry proficiency profiles. The distribution of the shipyard industry along with the company's name is shown in the attractive graphics on page 14. Furthermore, the shipyard industry experience is described on pages 15-16, the need for the revitalization of the old vessel on page 17, the prospects for vessels on page 18. The shipping industry's target and strategy nationally explained in detail since the period 2012-2025 on pages 19-24.

On pages 25-42, described the supporting data related to the shipping industry, shipping industry and port industry in Indonesia. Starting from the balance of the shipping industry in Indonesia, which is still dominated by foreign participation in the use of foreign companies for export-import and charter & leasing of foreign ships, the national shipping fleet, the national shipping market, the depth of ports in Indonesia, in Indonesia, the calculation of the economic scale of the port depth in Indonesia, the capacity of the shipyard industry for reparations.

In addition, data on the concept of sea tolls, marine toll elements, sea freight transport network, comparison of domestic sea transportation costs and logistics, priority port development, current port industry profiles, port infrastructure support strategies, and track record of volume transport growth sea ​​period 2010-2015.

The data and Outlook of shipping, sailing & port industry (Ship Fleet Trend in 2005-2020) of 42 pages is a pdf document measuring 8.1 MB and derived from data compilation supported data from BPS, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Transportation, Bappenas, INSA, and other reliable sources. Industrial database index is the latest feature in which displays dozens of data options as per the needs of users. All data is presented in pdf format so that it is easy to download after users perform process according to procedure, that is click purchase (purchase), click checkout, and fill form. prioritizes the validity and validity of the data sources presented. Thank you for your trust to*)

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