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Comprehensive 1.452 Company Directory in Garment Industry

Database 1.452 The Company Directory was released the fourth week of March 2018 featuring the most comprehensive database and the most comprehensive corporate directory related to the specific information of textile, garment, apparel, uniform, gloves, carpets, jackets, towels, coats and others in Indonesia . This database is the embodiment of big data services that offers more value (value added) for users (users).

This 1.452 directory contains company name, full address, telephone and fax number, factory address, email address, company status (foreign or domestic company), line of business, product type, label or brand name, export or domestic), number of employees, board of management, company contacts, business license number, annual production capacity, type of expansion of certain period, creditor (bankers), branch address in the region, name of official website, export target countries.

A total of 1,452 companies consist of companies with a workforce in the range of 20 workers to over 10,000 workers throughout Indonesia. The company's 1,452 database is summarized in 226 pages of pdf to facilitate the download process, while the microsoft word version is available on an offline payment basis.

Database 1.452 The Company Directory contains a collection of directories of companies with product types scattered from upstream textiles, fabric fibers, yarns, garments, apparel, sports equipment, automotive accessories from fabrics, medical equipment from polyester and fabrics, t-shirts (t-shirts) , underwear, sarong, batik, to bandages and cosmetic cotton, and others. Database 1.452 The Company Directory covers over 200 product types.

In more detail, this database includes companies that produce products such as sports wear, pants, ladys t-shirts, spring jackets & raincoats (men's & ladies), fabrics, polyester and knitted fabrics, rayon blouses, cotton table cloth, rayon men's shirts, dreses, scarts, trousers, women & ladies wear, polo shirts, shorts, cargo pants, womens blouses, blazers, outerwear jackets and vesss, mens outerwear Jackets and Vests, jogsets, swim shorts, golf wear, wear, mens / boys underpants, bra, panty, lingerie jersey, bed cover, undershirts, canvas ducks, synthetic canvas, camisole, jeans, mosquito net, denim fabrics.

In addition, dobby, loom (shuttle, stopchanges), jacguards, knitted headcovers, suiting twill (uniform), traveling hand bags, rompers, moslem wear, mattress fabrics, carpets, tile carpets, carpets pieces, aprons, gloves, wrapping instruments / instrument cover, head band, elbow band, ankle band, thigh band, sport socks, calf band, head wears, stuffed toys, bags, mens blazer, ladies blazer, vest, padding goods, quiltings, carded fibers, embroidery labels , kids wear, pajamas, bed covers, blankets, underwears, curtains, prayer mats, baby blankets, shoe lace, weaving tape, tank top, trainer top, elastic bandages, lycra jaquard, lycra print, rayon jersey, sock, swim wear, work wear, acrylics & cotton, corduroys, jogging trousers, sheets, towel fabrics, bed sheet product, bra wires, apparel accessories, rain coat, wind braker, parka jackets, sleep wear, ladies Braissieres, hang tags, stickers, barcodes, fashion, brocate, automotive carpet, night gown, rubber soles, back pack, beach umbrella, bags shoes, liner for tire, jogging sets, tufted carpets, soft toys, carton box, plastic hangers, singlets, duster, seat cover, brocate vitrage & jersey, fujiette, bath towel, hand towel, face towel, bath mat , stockings, casual bottoms, party gown dresses, medical bags & case ware, sanitary napkin, night wing, panty linen, baby diapers, wall to wall carpets, silk ties, women's panties, nylon bags, nylon pillows, crochet handbags, purses, wallets, gadget cases, and cosmetic cotton.

Database 1.452 The Company Directory of 226 pages and size of 5.08 MB is displayed in English making it easier for users in general. Database 1.452 This company directory is derived from monitoring of big data, limited survey, and reliable data compilation from the Ministry of Industry, Indonesian Textile Association (API), Synthetic Fiber and Fiber Manufacturers Association (Apsyfi), a number of textile companies in Indonesia, and processed

Database 1.452 The Company Directory is expected to be an accurate reference for marketing, traders, international traders, export import traders, raw material suppliers, investors, board of directors, entrepreneurs, researchers, investment bankers, strategic & corporate planners, banking creditor, companies supplying goods, spare parts, machinery (engine oil), as well as office needs.(*)

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