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Indonesian Private Fund

Divestama is a private fund (private investment schemes to private / P-to-P) which is based on the (underlying) the real sector in Indonesia that provides the fastest and highest profits.

Divestama not bulging investment, speculation, multilevel marketing (MLM), and not a means of raising funds en masse. Private fund was created and designed exclusively, limited, specifically, to a certain period to drive the industry chain that provides the fastest and highest profits.

We realize, in cooperation in investment, of course investors are undermined trust, security, and sustainability. Therefore, Divestama supported by efficient and effective management, asset base liquid, and rapid turnaround to avoid missmanagement.

Divestama will maintain the ratio of capital base to fund investors 4: 1, making it easier to maintain cash flow in the future. Divestama is a pioneer unification of real sector in Indonesia with direct investment scheme.

To build trust, Divestama also supported a number of assets in the real sector, which is worth in excess of funds raised from retail investors (ratio 20: 1). Divestama will emphasize on higher asset productivity and fast turnaround to provide the highest returns for investors.

For comparison, the average profit (profit sharing) of Divestama approximately 10% in 45 days. In the investment period, the fund investors will be played in the real sector to generate high profits and quick. After the completion of the investment period (45 days), investors' funds will be returned with a revenue share of 10%.

Why joint with Divestama?

1. Speed
We provide benefits (profit sharing) and payback of the fastest start. With the proliferation of digital trends as well as the Internet, speed is an initial foundation for a new system. For that investment system Divestama present to answer the challenge. So, we like super fast speed.

2. The business Andal / Mastering Industry
Divestama has been integrated with a complete industry chain, so that the flow of capital distribution can be transparent and satisfactory outcome.

3. Minimal Risk
Risks in every effort is certainly there. How to minimize strategy, it is our responsibility. With a ratio of cumulative funds authorized capital vs 4: 1, Divestama strive to maintain a solid cash flow to support profitability.

4. For High Yield
We come to the fourth stage, when the fruit was ripe and ready to be enjoyed. Briefly, Divestama want to provide benefits (profit sharing) 10% within 45 days and your capital back. What are you waiting for.(*)

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