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Cigarette Industry Market Share Trend in Indonesia 2005-2018

Research Growth Trend of Cigarette Industry 2005-2018 (Market Leaders Share Trend) was released early September 2017 featuring independent research, comprehensive data, analysis, and growth trend and market share of market leader of cigarette industry in Indonesia. The discussion is detailed from the trend of cigarette industry growth in the period of 2005-2018, the trend of production volume of the six largest companies, the market value of the industry, the trend of the number of smokers, the segmentation of smokers, and the average price of cigarettes in Southeast Asia.

Research Growth Trend of Cigarette Industry 2005-2018 (Market Leaders Share Trend) begins by displaying the economic highlights and Indonesian market, with consumer trends and purchasing power, and middle-class consumer segmentation in Indonesia. (pages 2-5).

Then, displayed conditions of purchasing power (purchasing power) and the condition of industrial sales trend period 2016 as a projection base 2017-2018. In 2016 it is known that people’s purchasing power is depressed due to the slowdown in the national economy and the increase of cigarette prices following the rising tax burden. Consumers tend to choose industrial products at the cheapest price. (pages 6-7)

Going into the specific discussion of the tobacco industry, on pages 8 to 9 show the growing trend of cigarette industry production volume for 2005-2018 forecast period, complete with annual growth percentage. The data is reinforced by the production trend of 6 companies market leader cigarettes period 2005-2018 forecast. (pages 8-12)

On page 12, the Duniaindustri.com team calculates the market value of the national cigarette industry for the period 2014-2018 forecast, by factoring the decline in volume occurring in 2016 and 2017. Furthermore, the trend of cigarette production per segment (SKT, SKM, SPM) is shown with a fairly long track record of 2014 to the first quarter of 2017 on pages 13 to 16.

Cigarette consumption trends are presented with an attractive table for the 2006-2013 period as well as the average price of cigarettes in Southeast Asia for the period 2014, on pages 17 and 18. Turning to the discussion of market share competition, on pages 19 to 22 are described market share trends of industry market leaders cigarette Indonesia since 1979-2017 along with its analysis. 2005 is a historic year for cigarette industry because there is a shift of market leader in this industry.

On page 23 it is described the number of smokers in Indonesia for the period 1995-2016, the position of the number of cigarette consumers in Indonesia among the countries of the world. The data is reinforced by the trend of the proportion of the smokers (male and female) consumer genre associated with the sex-based population growth trend on page 24. On page 25 the cigarette export-import is shown based on the HS number for the 2008-2011 period.

On pages 27 to 64, a detailed presentation of competitor intelligence materials for the four market leaders of the tobacco industry in Indonesia is presented. Competitor intelligence materials that include, among others, production trends, marketing strategies, sales schemes, distribution networks, to the financial performance of the 4 leaders of the tobacco industry in Indonesia.

Research Growth Trend of Cigarette Industry 2005-2018 (Market Leaders Share Trend) of 65 pages is derived from the research team of Duniaindustri.com reinforced with supporting data from BPS, Ministry of Industry, Indonesian Cigarette Factory Association (Gappri), a number of cigarette companies in Indonesia , and processed Duniaindustri.com. Download the industry database is the latest feature in duniaindustri.com which displays dozens of data options according to the needs of users. All data is presented in pdf format so that it is easy to download after users perform process according to procedure, ie click purchase (purchase), click checkout, and fill form. Duniaindustri.com prioritizes the validity and validity of the data sources presented.(*)

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