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Generic Market Growth Trends in Indonesia 2012-2018

Research on Generic, Etical, and OTC Market Trends 2012-2018 (Healthcare Industry Data) is released mid-September 2017 showing the market growth trends of three types of drugs, pharmaceutical industry research, data and analysis of the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare. Presented in tables and interesting infographics, this research is expected to be useful for pharmaceutical and healthcare industry actors and related stakeholders.

This comprehensive research begins with Indonesia’s macro economy, economic data and outlook, global trade trends, up to projected economic sectors in Indonesia in 2018. (page 2 to 5) Not to be missed, economic trends per region (island) in Indonesia and trends revenues and expenditures (islands) 2016 and 2017 targets. (pages 7 to 10) While the trend of rupiah movements affecting the performance of the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare is presented on page 11.

Pages 12 through 17, go into detailed discussion, show the overall market trends data (overall market), per type of drug and its growth, attributed to the trend of the number of participants National Health Insurance (JKN), macroeconomic growth, inflation rate, and movement of exchange rate the period 2012-2018. The data are then analyzed to show the trends occurring during that period.
Continuing to the next discussion, generic drug trends are tracked from 2010 to 2014, initial target of JNK / SJSN roadmap, as well as analysis of rapid growth of generic drugs against load drugs (OTC) on pages 18 to 22.

On pages 23 to 46 show a comprehensive review of OTC trends, starting from the 9th largest market share trend, 9th company market share movement or change from 2011-2015 period, market share per brand of free medicines from market leader in 2012 , 2013, and 2014, and a list of drug-free brands on the market. Also, the market share of over-the-counter medicines and brands per 2015. Not to be missed, featured the top-7 best-selling drugs in the Indonesian market as well as competitive analysis.

On pages 47 to 63, data and industry healthcare outlooks are presented in Indonesia. This discussion is a new thing that is considered important related to the development of the pharmaceutical industry given the rapid growth of the JKN program that encourages the consumption of generic drugs. On page 47 the table shows the development of health budget in Indonesia from 2012 to 2017, where the budget increased from Rp 41.5 trillion (2.7% of state expenditure) to Rp 104 trillion (5% of the state budget). On page 48, some health indicators are described in Indonesia for 2012 and 2015 periods, including life expectancy, maternal mortality, doctor ratio per 100,000 population, ratio of puskesmas per 30,000 population.

Indonesia’s healthcare spending versus the ASEAN and the global average is shown on page 49, followed by the health industry profile in Indonesia (page 50), pharmaceutical production and distribution regulations (page 51), healthcare regulation (page 52) (page 54), distribution of pharmacies and pharmaceutical wholesalers (PBF) per province in Indonesia (pages 55 to 57), drug availability profiles and (page 60), hospital bed ratios per 1,000 populations per province (page 61), as well as growing trends in number of hospitals by ownership period 2013-2015 (page 58-59), pharmacy installation profile per province pages 62-63).

This 64-page Research of Generic, Etical, and OTC Market Trends 2012-2018 (Healthcare Data Industry) came from data and outlook compilation supported by Ministry of Health, Ministry of Finance, BPS, WHO and World Bank, GP Pharmaceutical, and a number of pharmaceutical companies in Indonesia. Industrial database index is the latest feature in which displays dozens of data options as per the needs of users. All data is presented in pdf format so that it is easy to download after users perform process according to procedure, that is click purchase (purchase), click checkout, and fill form. prioritizes the validity and validity of the data sources presented.(*)

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